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November Newsletter

ViDiOTS Newsletter – November 2016
James Marsters, Mark Devine, & their trusty PS4

Welcome to ViDiOTS!

Hey Guys!

James and Mark saying hello and hoping you’re all playing and laughing all the live long day!

We had such a great time in Lyon, France with the people of Bethesda Softworks.  We thought they’d all be absolutely psychotic based on the games they put out, but we found them as normal and lovely as anyone…but then again, Ted Bundy seemed normal. Anyway…

Although James was freaked out by the existential haunted house and Sartre’s philosophy, Mark didn’t understand any of it…proving, once again, ignorance is bliss!  Thus, we’ve decided to live on and continue exploring this great big beautiful world!

Our next episode is in Richmond, VA where we both try to “blend in” by experiencing our beautiful South.  Maybe our accents got in the way, but James gets to go to one of his favorite destinations that turns out to be something completely different than what he expected, while Mark gets to see one of his biggest (weirdest) dreams come true!  Maybe we should have gotten a tour guide for this one because we get, well… very lost.

We were also invited by our good friend Chris Sabat (DragonBall) to play a, um, …”different” sort of PC game (viewer discretion advised)… boys will be boys (or something like that).

Mark also musters up the courage to approach a very big movie star to join us!  Again, ignorance is bliss!

We love hearing and seeing all of you as our ViDiOTS Family continues to grow, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you’d like to see. We have a big surprise coming up so stay tuned!

See you in the funny papers!
James and Mark

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Free Bonus Episode – “Dishonored 2”


The ViDiOTS were invited to the Bethesda offices in Lyon, France (Arkane Studios) to hang out with the team and get some pointers on Dishonored 2. A little sightseeing, some existential scares, and great gaming…Dishonored 2 is insane!!!


New in the Store

Ghost of the Robot 4 CD Bundle


One big bundle of ROCK! The Ghosties head into the studio next month to start work on “Pair of Bulls.” More info coming soon!
Bundle includes: Mad Brilliant, (B)-Sider, Murphy’s Law, and the latest CD…Bourgeois Faux Pas!


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