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October Newsletter

ViDiOTS Newsletter – October 2016
James Marsters, Mark Devine, & their trusty PS4

Welcome to ViDiOTS!

Hey Guys!

James & Mark here. We’re hard at work on our second episode, “Welsh Rarebit.” James is worried that it makes him look too silly. Mark is, well…as confused as ever being so far from Missouri. This is one of our favorite episodes because of what we got to do after the convention. Join us as we play “Chess With Pygmies,” ” Shakespeare Gives Me a Headache,” and “Fun With Sheep.”

Wales was beautiful. We got to hang out with Emma Caulfield from “Buffy” and “Once Upon A Time,” and about 10,000 fans!

Nevertheless, we spent a lot of our off time getting humiliated by the video game ‘Dark Souls 3’ which is a sadistically difficult masterpiece; and romping through the Pixar-like world of ‘Rachet and Clank’ (a LOT easier).

Hope you enjoyed the first episode. We hope to have new ones to share every few weeks depending on our travel schedule. We’ll be sure to let everyone know when they are ready.

Now we’re jetting off to Berlin for a convention and a concert. Does anybody have ideas about what we should check out while we’re there? We’re looking for things that would look good on film, which are rare, and things that would confuse us, which are plentiful.

See you in the funny papers,
Your ViDiOTS

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“These Boots Were Made for Walking”

James & Mark explore Paris, chat up Allison Mack, play games with Billy Boyd, and give you a behind the scenes glimpse into their life on the convention circuit.


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  1. Laura Jalbert says:

    This was my favorite site in Berlin. It has to be experienced to understand it. At first glance it doesn’t look like much, but when you walk into the center you get very disoriented. Great filming location. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memorial_to_the_Murdered_Jews_of_Europe

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