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October Contest – Win a Call w/James & Mark

October Contest – Win a Call w/James & Mark

Help ViDiOTS get the word out and earn entries to get a 30 minute call with James Marsters & Mark Devine.

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  1. Surewould Be Interesting says:

    Since I can’t do videocalls on either phone or tablet, I’ll just refreign from the contest, share the link to the website with contest remark to some FB groups and hope one of my friends will win 🙂
    Lots of fun in Berlin!!
    Keep working on those epi’s (and yes still waiting patiently for youtube, though Vimeo seems to be the better option)

  2. Julie Anderson says:

    Challenge accepted! I think…I never really understand how these things work. I posted the following on my FB page, along with your October link. XO Julie Anderson

    Check these guys out.
    Good looking, witty, bright, middle aged men (overgrown teenagers but in a harmless California way) traveling the world, playing video games in their hotel rooms while ignoring cities full of historical landmarks & breath-taking, centuries old ambiance.
    To some extent, these guys are genuinely clueless (James) and fumbling (Mark), but mostly the vacuous, self-absorption is shtick & it’s all good-natured self-deprecation, a tolerable amount of video game reference and James’ eternally, astoundingly gorgeous bone structure.
    Plus there’s the continued mystery & tension of, “I think Mark is really 5 steps ahead & running the show and does Professor-James-of-infamous-ego know that?” I suspect I’ll have to stay tuned for the answer to that *forever.*
    I don’t give a shit about video games but these guys are an effervescent comedy & friendship team and I find them surprisingly weird & delightful. People who are fans of “Buffy” and/or “An Idiot Abroad” will dig this show.
    And though James & Mark are, at heart, high school boys hurrying home every day after school to video tape themselves acting out endless, “brilliant” drama & comedy bits they dreamed up in Trig class, they are – wow! – professional actors & writers with decades of experience charming audiences and making themselves, despite themselves, unforgettable and unshakeable.
    But they SEEM like simultaneously bewildered & pompous doofuses trotting the globe with their play stations, cheekbones and fondly, idiotic banter.
    Try ’em out, super cheap. On Vimeo or Amazon, for the season or per episode. You’ll enjoy yourself, support an original & invisibly well crafted creative endeavor and you’ll help keep these guys out from under the feet of their families.

  3. Maree says:

    What an awesome contest prize. Best of luck to all you have entered

  4. Debra says:

    It would be such a pleasure to chat with you two! This is what I admire about you guy’s “You Appreciate your fan’s”. I love ViDiots and looking forward to Episode 2.
    Thank you for allowing us be a part of your journey.
    Enjoy Berlin!

  5. Jules says:

    I do most of my referring in person where I can bounce enthusiastically at humans, sadly no way of proving that *le sigh*

  6. kiersten says:

    I would love to chat with you to that would be amazing

  7. libertevalou says:

    he parried that hope makes live ^^. A thing they are more sure will share more you will be a success and I doubt it in no way. An advantage for all those who will have never opportunity to see you direct ^^ one has nevertheless a small privilege to see you in instants of life with your enthusiasm and legendary humour. long life to the Gamers ^^

  8. Mitchy says:

    *screams running around the room*

    (Returns and clears throat)

    this would be awesome, OMGosh totally awesome, Infact mind blowing.

  9. Fangirl says:

    Figured it couldn’t hurt to drop a comment as well. If the convo is to be part of an ep and not just a win for a fan, then I think picking me would be awesome, as it could be promoted on my varying outlets. Also, I’m swell to talk to.

  10. Catherine Pyka says:

    Welcome to Texas! As a fellow gamer girl this is awesome!!! Game on!

  11. Diane Epps says:

    Hey! James, I love watching Vidiotson y’all both r great big fan of both of you. I loved watching u on Buffy and Angel big fan .James, I was wondering how can I get ur CD’s just let me know OK. Thank you! Diane Epps

    1. Administrator says:

      The link directly to the CD pre-order is https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=Y3TDCMKFAUT8W or you can check out the Ghost of the Robot store at http://www.gotrmusic.com/store.

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